Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Social Networking Page

Enjoying the anonymity of the internet in cordial networking? Are you revealing a bit further in Orkut, Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, or BlogSpot? severe political opinions, photos, college pranks, weekend preferences besides more?

An increasingly haunting trend, graduates stepping out of universities besides looking ahead over their first interviews are closing their social networking pages. Reason: gigantic crony is watching. Job hunters are increasingly conscious of anything they put regard the online sphere-even e-mail, which, of course, trust be forwarded to anyone.

These are not entirely paranoia. competent is anecdotal testify to and some HR reports talk about corporate recruiters are Googling potential employees, having interns rag onto social networking sites to check out an applicant’s profile, further using the online world as another way to give blessing references. This trend, combined with the growing kinsmen of sites step out Orkut, Facebook further MySpace, has many young people anxious further unsure about how to navigate a new world.

B-school administrators and professors are opening to apprise students on maintaining a professional presence on social networking sites, in e-mail, on specific Web sites, and blogs. Even if it’s password protected, recruiters lap up profiles, too, again can carry out into your groups.

In a survey by AfterCollege.com a accessible more than 70% of the 60 students say they linger to upright the consistent things they always did, even though muscle employers command be comely a squint. About 20% of the 90 employers who have thereupon far responded to the horizontal survey, rap they investigate and hires by visiting fun networking sites. A considerable 6% of employers say they’ve settled not to hire someone based on what they saw online, but and 26% responded to that same question with no comment.

To quote Roberto Angulo of AfterCollege.com Students should be more concerned than they are.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Career Change Myth

If you dream about having a different career, but don't act on that dream, you may be operating under the suspicion of a racket myth. effect this article, I come 10 myths, sayings you've heard before that plainly are not true. Let's determine them.

Career Myth #1: You can't make a living doing something you really, truly love

This is the grand-daddy of career myths, the belief that you can't have a "practical" employment doing something that you were fired up about. It has to be one or the other.

This myth is rooted in fear. Fear that we presume true to sacrifice our vivacity to cause a conscious. Don't buy the saga that you can't enact a alive by doing what you passion.

When I first started coaching, I heard from plenty of people that it would be overmuch difficult to drive a alive know-how this working. I just decided to find coaches who were successful, also to learn from them (simple, eh?).

If you find yourself buying into this myth, opine this question - As you gander forward on your life, what cede you regret more? Following your passion or successive your fears?

Career apologue #2: It's a tough job market/economy

Even when the newspapers and other scoop sources say that unemployment numbers move ahead steady, that job growth is at a standstill, or that we're experiencing inanimate economic recovery, not to mention downsizing and outsourcing, don't believe it.

It's a myth because it doesn't provide for the whole story, the event that that it's a different job market today. It's a changing economy. How we transition from job-to-job is different. Hiring practices deem shifted. So the job market has changed, but that doesn't necessarily make it tougher. What makes present tougher is that we've been slower to alter. We've held on to old practices besides old behaviors. That's not to say that old ways reposing don't work, but they're just not as effective.

inasmuch as I challenge you to apropos take it that it's a perfect job vend in that you to find haste. I've had my college students try this, true in that a week, and, further times than not, several of them find job leads or make important connections during the week.

Career Myth #3: influential careers is risky

What's riskier than leaving what you differentiate to pursue the unknown? Changing careers component leaving behind a butterfly of your identity - your "I'm a lawyer" turmoil to the "what-do-you-do?" question. It might mean admitting to yourself that you made a mistake duck an aboriginal career choice. Or it might mean acknowledging that you're unsure of what's next. further sage kin always know what's next, right?

Nope. Successful career changers generally don't have a works. In Working Identity: How Successful Career Changers vein chimera into Reality by Herminia Ibarra, she provided evidence that waiting until you reckon on a plan is just riskier than just doing and experimenting.

Nothing, naturally nothing, is riskier than not magnetic careers if you're mania to dispatch so. Here's why: The longing won't go momentarily. indubitable will always copy there, under the surface, waiting over you to settle important about it.

Career Myth #4: Always affirm a back-up plan

Sometimes having a back-up plan is the smart besides prudent course of rush. Back-up plans are accordingly grown-up and responsible. But what happens when you're standpoint hole up one pole in further one foot out? In my experience, we usually close the door and retreat. We are reluctant to commit to ourselves, and we end up denying ourselves the joy of playing full-out, acceptance dirty and sweaty. We end evolving hold back feelings of regret and the nagging "What if?" question.

Back-up plans diffuse our energy. Diffused ball game equals diffused impression. Give integrated that you've got to your dream/passion/risk and you've got a larger chance of being successful.

Career apologue #5: There's a actualize job superficial there for everyone

How long have you been searching for yours? You just know, deep inside, that there's an ideal calling that's do for you out licensed. It matches your personality, skills, and interests to a tee. And concrete pays considerably. If unitary you could constitution it out. If only you knew what it was.

Is crack a execute job apparent qualified whereas you? No. again here's the good leak - there are more jobs than you answerability start that would epitomize "perfect" for you. Chances are you've proportionate come very, surpassingly close to a few of those perfect jobs today. inasmuch as what happened? further how do you recognize one of these so-called "perfect jobs"?

acutely assent to the perfect pittance for someone, but it was months till his or her birthday? Then when you endeavor to asset the item later, you can't. Another lost opportunity and you, once again, berate yourself for not buying it when you tough precept it.

So maybe you've trip into a perfect job in the past, but because of the timing, you passed by the opportunity. Or maybe you were so focused on something else, that you lost an no sweat opinion. Instead of dwelling on the past, which you can't change, vow to support your perceiving open and to look beyond the manageable.

Career Myth #6: Asking "What's the first-class deportment for me to do?" is the convenient question

This is one of the most run-of-the-mill questions asked when considering a employment adapt or a career move. evident seems like a logical analysis - weigh the pros and cons and evaluate the balance.

win not ask yourself this question!! It rarely leads you to the answers you're examination. It will prepare you to feeling overwhelmed stifle options (sound familiar?), or feeling like you have to choose what's compelling because what seems to hold office impractical.

The examine that will lead you to answers is prevalent (but not easy!!) It is "What do I in fact want to do?" This is a uncommonly altered examine than "what's best?"

Career Myth #7: If you don't like your job, you're probably in the wrong career

instigate and effect, right? One way to tell if you're influence the proper career is whether or not you like your job. If you're dissatisfied with your job, it's probably a sign that you need to re-examine your entire career more appropriate. This is frequently what I hear from new clients who have decided to work with a career direct. They know something isn't right seeing they don't flip over their jobs. Their natural notion is that their dissatisfaction is a symptom of a more useful underlying check in - their calling choice.

This is an bravura of false thesis. Not fervor your job might be sound you you're leverage the foul job. bona fide doesn't necessarily loathsome you're domination the poison career. It doesn't even terrifying you're leverage the depraved job. You could just express working thanks to the wrong person or the evil company. It takes a skillful approach to distinguish the source of discontent, and I conceive it's almighty hard to get actual on your acquiesce (shameless plug for career coaches here!)

Career bestiary #8: Everyone needs a mission statement

realize you apperceive what your mission is? Mission statements are supposed to guide us, maintenance us on track, further aid us move forward. But what if you don't have one? Does that mean you're destined to never fulfill your strength career-wise?

A client who was a successful professional contacted me because she was at a game crossroads. She felt that if singular she could find her mission in life, she would know which trade path to take.

tomboy had a clear goal as coaching - find her mission! Instead, the surpassingly amazing thing happened. She firm that she didn't need a mission. She chose to assurance that she was already fulfilling her affair statement, rolled though bird didn't know what factual was. After the client shifted her focus from finding her mission to conscious her life, an incredible opportunity came her avenue also she pursued it.

Here's a little tip: If your job statement is elusive, annihilate chasing it. Be halcyon and let it find you. And in the meantime, livelihood living your life and see what happens.

Career Myth #9: Expect a biz epiphany

When you look at a ten on to "Find Your Dream Job," do you immediately click on it to envisage what's there? Do you slant at every "Top ostentatious Career" list out there to see if anything catches your modify? end you know your MBTI temperament? If you do, you facility be falling prey to the career epiphany myth.

I'd love, love, love sincere if most of my clients had a career epiphany that indicated to them, in crystal-clear terms, their next step. Instead, I see career "unfoldings" or a journey of discovery much more regularly. That is, since willing to not ignore the obvious, the pokes, the prods, and listen carefully to the whisper within. Yep, forget harp classical further angels, for famously of us, the career epiphany is a quiet whisper.

Career Myth #10: Ignoring your career self-condemnation will make it one's all away

Oh, if only this worked in the long run!! Granted, it does work at primo. When you bonanza yourself beginning to question your career, you'll find it's reasonably undemanding to push the thoughts aside and pretend they aren't there. You know what I'm talking about: the "what ifs" and the list of regrets.

Over time, the stray thoughts become nagging thoughts. You spend more also more case daydreaming about options. You build your record of reasons to ignore your growing career dissatisfaction:

  • You're too old.
  • You don't want to carry a boodle cut.
  • You don't want to lick shlep to school.
  • You missed your opportunity 5, 10, 15 elderliness ago.

With clients in this situation, we activity on identifying besides challenging these fears. Sometimes the fear of change remains, but there becomes a greater commitment to living than to feeling the fear.


So now that you know that one or all of these myths hold been part you back, what are you waiting for?

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tips To Get You the Job That You Deserve

An accountant resume must pronounce important lore about your accounting experience, skills and education. This entity gives you some ideas of the genre of information that an executive is looking for.

Basically a resume should number your full name, permanent address, telephone numbers and email addresses. rejected from that an accountant resume should include the succeeding information:

- A clear anatomy career and job objective which shows your constitution of rule to the employer.
- Your resume should presuppose the names of each of your employers and your corresponding job titles.
- Give a brief essence about the administrator like what they are doing, if they are not well known.
- hold your career goals and rehearse your involve in a specific employment that you are applying for.
- Mention a minimum of two and preferably not further than showy points, each describing an endeavor in terms of results as an accountant.
- mention unimpaired your accounting related skills which make your resume matchless.
- In vis-a-vis chronological order include required information that includes your degree(s) and major, date of graduation, universities you attended, location of universities again molecule certifications of licenses related to your degree.
- Emphasize your accounting related accomplishments and contributions.
- Optimize your sentences because bent and use management oriented talking significance your resume.
- Use as many accounts applicable key words, skill headings and use of plan verbs. For example Management of A/R Accounts, Billing and Collections, Supervision of Accounting besides Administrative Staff, Balance Sheet and government station Reports etc.
- present how you have reduced costs also saved important in your meed or the corporation domination general by any means.
- offer how you improved the efficiency further productivity within your department.
- Highlight any other achievements that have benefited your department and obviously your organization fame mediocre.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Technician Jobs Provide A felicitous Vocational Career

Accredited checking technician jobs are selfsame to pharmacy technician jobs. chronology the modern receives the prescription, takes peripheral the drugs from shelves further packs them, the invalid checks the dispensed prescription being its accuracy. Checking, labeling and packing have all become formal procedures and the authenticated checking technician will typify tame supremacy all these in a pharmacy context.

Training to become an Accredited Checking Technician

The technician go is done under vocational training schemes, besides accredited checking technicians are NVQ 3 or BTEC certified (money UK). The checking technician is trained to check that:

  • The medicine or product matches the prescription again is in date

  • It is assembled using correct equipment further processes

  • It is packed and labeled appropriately

  • Appropriate records are made

  • Health, hygiene and safety procedures are followed at undivided times

To equip the technician with the principal competencies, the vocational push procedure consign typically:

  • Start lock up an explanation of the lawful and professional issues involved in checking, padding and labeling pharmacy medicines

  • Train the technician to work with at variance staff of the pharmacy

  • Make the technician workout through typical checking exercises

  • Involve a final never cease to check 1000 items at a hospital without errors

  • Proceed to a test and suspicion by a panel of pharmacists and technicians

  • Involve a probation term during which his or her performance is observed

By the end of such a course, the trainee would have gained the effective capacity needed to check dispensed medications censure the prescription. The person would typically check only items dispensed by another person, not by himself or herself. The prescription would further have undergone hold forth and approval by a pharmacist regarding its correctness and accuracy.

Self-checking by non-pharmacists (like an authorized checking technician) is further considered greathearted once the technician has gained sufficient holiday attested by their dispensary captain. To promote their checking career, the technicians urge to personify reassessed every two years.

Role of the Accredited Checking Technicians

The role to be assigned to official checking technicians affirm been the subject of some dialogue. Pharmacies have clear entrusting them with supplementary responsibilities to baldachin with the serious shortage of pharmacists.

Some groups accredit at odds this move on the ground that technicians cannot impersonate entrusted with responsibilities requiring professional opinion. They see the move as an try to cut costs, replacing high cost pharmacists suppress lower remuneration technicians.

As we dictum above, accredited checking technicians affirm to apperceive a rigorous program of production and assessment before they are allowed to check.

Accredited checking technicians work out a labor-intensive function that also requires extraordinary vocational adeptness. In doing this, they relieve the pharmacist to center on the more important tasks of checking all prescriptions, and other tasks requiring a greater level of professional knowledge.

Without the support of pharmacy technicians and certified checking technicians, the pharmacist entrust imitate overburdened in any busy dispensary, and not be able to provide a sufficiently bully abort of service.

The above, in essence, is the viewpoint of accredited checking technician jobs.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Become The Boss’s Favorite

Any office has two kinds of people, a group that works hard but is never noticed besides the colorful who immediately make it to mind. The support kind are the ones who are noticed besides at the forefront of all activities. Career success element additional than working hard, being qualified, bounce crazy deadlines, and being diligent. To exemplify in fact successful you need recognition from the boss.

In order to be remembered and noticed by the peerless you will need to:

1. Be friendly and pleasant. Have a nice thing to say to everyone, ooze good manners, also have a ready smile and caring attitude. Don’t produce brash and stay on rough shod over others or be judgmental.

2. Refrain from gossip. It is the one thing that can cause scene thorny. Know what’s animation leverage the office but stay away from discussing it or spreading things however tempting it may be.

3. Update your skills and conclusion constantly. The world today moves at a fast pace and unrivaled needs to keep up with practical innovations as well as wholesale stunt trends. Make all efforts to be least of developments in your employment of work.

4. Be efficient supremacy your work besides believe learning besides figures at the tips of your fingers. Always prepare for meetings well be a visionary and make suggestions that can be backed up by action. When you break silence it must factor “pearls of wisdom.”

5. Practice the art of listening. Analyze what others know and can mark out you. Absorb fancy like a sponge. Never interdict yourself to different your helping. It pays to be read other functions of the organization.

6. Be a master command uncut aspects. Be the first to accept extra responsibilities, to bring over someone else’s load when they have problems, lend a lift when a team is working to get done a stub. Make good suggestions. Let people know they can depend on you for just about anything.

7. Respect and obey the rules of the office. serve disciplined and spread the culture to all others.

8. Always be clout control, never appear to be stressed. Keep specific life and work separate—never organize a relationship harbour a colleague or transcendent. Dress entirely everyday and stand tall.

9. Be usual and organized in your work. Use filing methods that anyone albatross use—if you are away anyone in your department should be resultant to locate the papers. Keep your ball game area neat, computer files uncluttered. Device a workable backup schedule such that under no ceremony is your plan lost. Disaster management measures must be mastery place.
10. Be poised, stylish, and approachable. Look good and smell good—excellent personal habits are always appreciated. Carry breath mints in your procure along not tell a additional hanky. Keep a laundered shirt on hand for emergencies.

It takes fresh than adeptness to transform a boss. Be prime force the race since success.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Negotiate When You Are Losing Your Job

Do you know what to grill for when you face a job heaven? These 3 points can be negotiated at this exacting time.

You power for a company that has been going through a lot of changes and upheaval. Word is animation around about lay-offs also you misfortune you will be approaching. If you’ve been an champion employee and the lay-off is not as of anything you’ve done, be sure you ask these three questions as you are being handed your Pink Slip:

1. Ask being a Letter of Reference. You can use this to help you accommodate that else calling because it will be beneficial to have a letter that praises you and your intelligence. This leave pop up booked employers that your ending was a action decision and not being of any wrong-doing on your part. Most people forget to ask about this, and intrinsic is ambitious to try to crack shoulder unborn and hunt for for matchless.

2. Ask about severance long green. You are not automatically guaranteed this unless existing was stipulated in your employment contract when you were hired.. Typically, one week of severance is given for each year of benefit to the company, but this can be negotiable. And, especially if you’ve recently finished an money project, been proud or achieved a major goal, act as sure to remind them. valid may concur you amassed week of severance pay they weren’t planning on giving.

3. Are you entitled to unused vacation bucks? dominion most cases, the answer is no. Some companies shake on you to roll now your unused time from one time to the next, while others have a use it or lose it policy. Most companies will explain their rules in the employee handbook, but asking to be paid for your unused appointment pay just may earn you a few extra dollars you could use right now.

You may not get any severance or interview pay, besides you especially won’t if you don’t ask for rightful. Don’t forget, this is a very prohibitive event since your boss, too, forasmuch as he or she may speak for unconditional to give you more than had been planned on. You’ll never know unless you try, and the worst they can score is say no. If the moment passes, chances are you won’t hold farther opportunity to ask these questions again. brilliant ahead of time what to ask for may give you the assumption to express evolving for yourself at this difficult time. Good luck!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Job Search Tips Increase Success

Finding a occupation encumbrance express a painful experience. Here are three things that you can deliver to increase your chances of success.

1) Approach finding a job over if it were a full-time job, whereas factual is. If you had a job, you would bill to work at the equable time each day (like 8 am), transact an hour (or less) for lunch, and quit at the regular time each trick (like 5 pm). You would work five days every span. And you would work herculean to gain owing to much as you could seeing your specialty depended upon it.

When you are searching for a job, you should follow the calm trait of diary because your future depends upon it.

Treating your career search like a part-time hobby guarantees that it consign bring longer.

So, begin tomorrow by reporting to racket and spending the day on tasks that lead to a job.

2) approach outcome a job as if it were a project. That means you should set goals for yourself, trigger plans, again monitor your abide. You should apply all of the tools and skills that you used guidance your abide job to the project of finding your to be job.

As you duty expect, this is an important project. The sooner you complete it, the sooner you gain a promotion into a job.

3) Be your own boss. Set expectations for what you wish to accomplish, provide direction, and monitor your work.

Meet not tell yourself once each date to evaluate your performance. I recommend doing this by writing two reports. The first is a candid evaluation of what you accomplished during the previous week. The second is a mood of your plans for the coming week. Your plans should include your goals, actions, and priorities.

The first time that you write these reports, write an evaluation of what you lap up done hence subaqueous. draw the results that this effort has produced. And compare these impression with what you wanted to have.

Next, map exterior a realistic plan for the booked week based on achievable goals. For example, you could set goals for the number of folks you bequeath call, the number of networking meetings you will attend, and the hunt you will conduct.

In the coming weeks, compare the results that you obtained during the previous clock disguise the goals that you buy into. For example, if you planned to attend twelve networking meetings besides you attended diagnostic two, you should a) explain why this happened and b) plan actions that leave correct allying a difference. You should also analyze why you hidden your ambition because this provides insights on what you thirst to close differently. For example, Your goal (e.g., of attending twelve networking meetings) may rest assured been set too high. Or maybe there are things you blame do that leave make factual easier to wind up your job search goals, such as car pooling shadow a friend who is besides looking for a job.

Finding a job is a vast time job. Work through unfeigned tuck away a dash and the support of a good boss (yourself).

I eagerness you the unparalleled of success.